Grand Opening

About Us

Elus1ve LLC is a veteran-owned and operated gaming and apparel company.  The name originated as a unit designator and callsign our founders utilized while deployed for combat operations in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM with the U.S. Marine Corps. 

The competition and camaraderie followed the founders home and has evolved over time.  

Our founders "Fizzle" and "Sarcaztiq" started gaming together in 2008 at a LAN center near Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA.  They built a bond gaming that carried over directly into combat operations in Iraq later that year.  While deployed, they played anything from Spades to Guitar hero in their hooch to burn the time.  Upon their return CONUS, they started running a Call of Duty 4 outfit in a competitive atmosphere; the team and community has continued to grow ever since over the past 10 plus years, adding a variety of veterans, gamers, and titles at all levels of play.

Our ranks are comprised of active-duty, veterans, first responders, and civilians alike.  We feature a competitive gaming scene as well as a relaxed gaming environment for mature video game players and anyone is welcome to join our efforts.